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8 rooster thighs
500 ml of milk
300 g flour
1 tablespoon spices to model: oregano, paprika, curry, onion powder, garlic powder
+1/2 teaspoon of the sooner spices plus 100g of flour
Salt and pepper

1. The very very first thing to make KFC-style fried rooster is to prepare a tempura. To do this, we put 300g of flour and a tablespoon of each of the spices that we have now now chosen in a fairly big container. We moreover add an excellent pinch of salt. It may appear like too many spices to you, nonetheless proper right here is the important thing of the recipe. In addition to, when consuming, they provide that model that we want, nonetheless they don’t seem to be so noticeable throughout the mouth. We moreover add the milk, between 350 and 400 ml. The exact amount will rely a lot on the mannequin of flour used. The idea is to mix each half with a whisk and go away a barely liquefied mass, nonetheless with a great deal of physique. When all the substances are successfully blended, we cross the rod over the tempura and, if it sticks to it nonetheless immediately falls off, this is able to be the exact texture we want.
2. Now we put the seasoned rooster contained within the tempura. We cowl it successfully with it and cover it. Let it macerate for a minimum of an hour throughout the fridge. Whether or not it’s longer, greater.
3. After the time, we put collectively the outer batter that the rooster will carry. Put the 100g of flour that we had reserved on a plate and add half a teaspoon of the an identical spices that we had beforehand added to the tempura. We take away each half successfully so that each one the spices are blended with the flour.
4. We take the rooster out of the fridge and, with out eradicating an extreme quantity of additional of the tempura dough, we cross it by the use of the flour. Let it permeate successfully collectively together with her. Then we put it in appreciable olive oil, over extreme heat nonetheless not an extreme quantity of or they will be raw throughout the center (I do it at an affect of seven, out of the utmost 9 that my ceramic hob has) and fry it. They will be ready in about 10 minutes.