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The ‘Mom Of Boys’ Guide To Getting That Gross Smell Out Of Your Bathroom

Tackling the Challenges of Raising Boys

Being a parent to boys can be an adventure filled with endless surprises and occasional chaos. For those with little boys, especially during the potty training phase, maintaining cleanliness and combating odors in the bathroom can become an ongoing struggle.

The Revelation of a Genius Hack

Priscilla Raquel Lloyd, a mother of three boys, recently shared a game-changing tip on social media to address the persistent issue of urine odors in her bathroom. Her solution? A simple yet effective hack involving a household staple: shaving cream.

A Simple Yet Effective Method

Priscilla emphasized the use of inexpensive shaving cream as a powerful tool for removing urine smells from bathroom floors and around the toilet’s trim. She disclosed that despite regular cleaning with bleach-based products, the lingering scent of stale urine persisted, prompting her to seek alternative solutions.

The Process Unveiled

Priscilla’s method involves first disinfecting the area with a bleach-based cleaner, followed by the application of shaving cream to eliminate any remaining odor. This two-step process ensures not only cleanliness but also a fresh-smelling bathroom, even amidst the challenges of potty training three energetic boys.

Worth a Try for Parents Everywhere

For parents navigating the tumultuous waters of potty training, Priscilla’s ingenious hack offers a glimmer of hope in the battle against stubborn bathroom odors. Whether you’re a seasoned parent or a newcomer to the world of parenting boys, this simple yet effective solution is certainly worth a try.


As parents, we often find ourselves searching for innovative ways to tackle the unique challenges that come with raising children. Priscilla Raquel Lloyd’s revelation serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most effective solutions can be found in the everyday items we already have at home. So, next time you find yourself combating the smell of urine in your bathroom, don’t hesitate to reach for that trusty can of shaving cream – you might just be pleasantly surprised by the results.