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The Magic of Orange Peel and Alcohol: A Simple Solution for Your Home

Harnessing the Power of Orange Peels and Alcohol for Cleaning

Who knew that the humble orange peel could be transformed into a potent cleaning solution when paired with alcohol? This eco-friendly and effective trick utilizes the natural properties of orange peels to create a versatile cleaner that you can easily make at home. Here’s how to unlock the cleaning potential of orange peels and alcohol:

Why Orange Peels and Alcohol?

Orange peels contain limonene, a natural solvent with cleaning, deodorizing, and antibacterial properties. When infused in alcohol, such as vodka or rubbing alcohol, the cleaning power of limonene is enhanced, making it an ideal solution for tackling household messes.

What You’ll Need:

  • The peels from 2-3 oranges
  • A jar with a tight-fitting lid
  • Vodka or rubbing alcohol (enough to cover the peels)


  1. Prepare the Peels: Peel the oranges, ensuring to remove only the colored part of the peel, avoiding the bitter white pith.
  2. Infuse the Alcohol: Place the orange peels in the jar and cover them completely with alcohol. Seal the jar tightly and shake well to mix.
  3. Let It Sit: Store the jar in a cool, dark place for approximately two weeks, shaking it once a day to aid the infusion process.
  4. Strain and Store: After two weeks, strain the infused alcohol through a fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth into a clean jar, discarding the orange peels. Your infused alcohol is now ready to use.

How to Use Your Orange Peel Infusion:

  • Surface Cleaner: Dilute with water in a spray bottle for an effective kitchen and bathroom cleaner.
  • Glass Cleaner: Use it undiluted for streak-free mirrors and windows.
  • Deodorizer: Combat odors in the kitchen, bathroom, or shoes with this natural solution.

Benefits Beyond Cleaning:

Not only does this orange peel and alcohol solution effectively clean your home, but it also leaves behind a refreshing citrus scent, enhancing the ambiance without the need for artificial fragrances.

Incorporating this natural cleaning solution into your routine not only promotes a cleaner home but also reduces reliance on commercial products with harsh chemicals. Give it a try and experience the fresh, natural clean of orange peels and alcohol!