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Shocking Encounter: Man’s Horrifying Discovery Inside Bag of Aldi-Bought Broccoli

Unexpected Visitor: Snake Found in Bag of Broccoli

A Shocking Encounter

After returning from a routine grocery trip to Aldi in Stourbridge, England, Neville Linton, 63, was in for a surprise. What started as a simple purchase of a bag of broccoli turned into an unexpected discovery when he opened the vegetables for supper three days later. Little did he know, nestled among the greens was an uninvited guest—a snake.

The Astonishing Discovery

Neville, an industrial cleaner, was taken aback by the sight. “It was quite awful. I’m not good with snakes,” he confessed. Had he not noticed it, the snake could have roamed freely in his house, posing a significant risk, especially with vulnerable individuals residing there. Realizing the potential danger, Neville sought his sister’s help, who confirmed it was indeed a snake and not just a harmless caterpillar.

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Return to the Store

With the serpent safely contained, Neville and his sister made their way back to the Dudley Road Aldi where the bag of broccoli was purchased. Despite initial disbelief from the store personnel, upon witnessing the reptile’s movement, it was evident that Neville’s encounter was no joke.

Expert Analysis

Upon arrival at the local zoo, experts identified the snake as a juvenile ladder snake. However, Dr. Steven J. R. Allain, a renowned herpetologist, proposed an alternative identification, suggesting it might be a viperine water snake commonly found in southwestern Europe and northern Africa. This discrepancy raises questions about the accuracy of the initial assessment.

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Insights from Dr. Allain

Dr. Allain, equipped with extensive expertise in zoology and amphibian illness, shed light on the situation. He explained that snakes, like the one found in Neville’s broccoli, often hitch rides in produce originating from regions where they are indigenous. The snake’s journey from a Mediterranean field to a British kitchen may seem improbable, but it highlights the interconnectedness of global food supply chains.

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Survival in Unlikely Conditions

Despite the snake’s unconventional journey, Dr. Allain reassured that such species can endure for extended periods without sustenance, aided by the refrigerator’s cooling effect. While the snake’s presence in Neville’s home was discomforting, its non-venomous nature posed minimal threat to humans. Dr. Allain emphasized the importance of public education to dispel fear and promote understanding of snakes and their behaviors.

A Lesson Learned

Neville’s ordeal serves as a reminder of the unforeseen encounters that can occur in everyday life. While his initial reaction was understandable given his fear of snakes, Dr. Allain suggests a more positive response rooted in knowledge and awareness. As the snake finds refuge in its new home at Dudley Zoo, perhaps it will also help alleviate the apprehensions surrounding these misunderstood creatures.


Q: How did the snake end up in the bag of broccoli?

A: The snake likely ventured into the broccoli field, where it was inadvertently harvested and packaged along with the vegetables.

Q: Was the snake venomous?

A: No, the snake identified in Neville’s broccoli was non-venomous and posed no threat to humans. It primarily preys on fish and frogs.

Q: What precautions can individuals take to prevent similar incidents?

A: Inspecting produce carefully before consumption and familiarizing oneself with local wildlife can help mitigate the risk of encountering unexpected guests like snakes in grocery items.