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Put 1 glass of salt in the car, this solves a very common problem among motorists

As winter arrives, drivers frequently face a common problem, but the solution is surprisingly simple: keeping a glass of salt in your car. Even mechanics endorse this straightforward fix.

The Versatility of Salt
While salt is a kitchen staple, its applications extend far beyond culinary use. It serves as a go-to household item for cleaning, descaling, and deodorizing various surfaces, often outperforming commercial products.

Salt as a Moisture Absorber
A notable application of salt, particularly coarse or rock salt, lies in its ability to absorb moisture. This type of salt, with its drying agents, proves effective in small, enclosed spaces like cabinets or drawers. How does this relate to cars?

The Mechanic-Recommended Car Hack
During winter, car issues such as engine or battery failures become more prevalent. Moisture accumulation inside the car, particularly on glass surfaces, can be troublesome.

Humidity inside a car during winter can lead to component deterioration and mold formation. Enter salt. By regulating humidity, salt plays a role in protecting the car and its internal parts.

Using Salt to Tackle Car Humidity

Placing a glass of salt inside your car acts as a natural dehumidifier, reducing excess moisture and preventing condensation on windows. The ideal spot for this? Your car’s cup holder.

For added effectiveness, combine salt with charcoal. Place these ingredients in a plastic container, cover with a sock, and position it under the seat or near the air vents for optimal results.

Alternatives to Salt
While salt is a readily available solution for car moisture, other methods are equally effective:

Newspapers: Placing newspapers on the car floor helps absorb moisture.

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Silica Gel: Commonly found in small sachets with new purchases, silica gel balls, when placed in a cloth, can be set on the dashboard to combat humidity.

In summary, combating car humidity in winter doesn’t necessitate expensive gadgets or intricate techniques. Everyday household items like salt, charcoal, newspapers, and silica gel offer effective solutions, ensuring a more comfortable and secure driving experience during colder months.