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Long-Term Onion Storage: Keep Your Onions Fresh for Up to Two Years!

Storing onions properly for long-term use is a great way to ensure you have this versatile ingredient on hand throughout the winter and beyond. Here’s a detailed guide on selecting, preparing, and storing onions to maintain their freshness for up to two years:

Selecting the Right Onions

  • Choose dry bulb onions over sweeter varieties, as they are better suited for long-term storage.
  • Look for firm onions with crispy outer skins and no signs of sprouting or damage.

Proper Preparation


  1. Dry Them Out: Lay the onions in a single layer in a warm, dry, well-ventilated area like a covered porch or shed.
  2. Allow to Cure: Let the onions dry for 2-3 weeks until the outer skins rustle when handled and the necks are tight.


  1. Remove Roots: After curing, trim off any roots using scissors, being careful not to cut into the bulbs themselves.
  2. Peel Excess Skin: Peel off any loose or excess outer skins.

Storage Techniques


  • Choose a cool, dry place with temperatures ideally between 35-40°F (1-4°C), such as a basement, cellar, or cool pantry.


  • Use mesh bags, old pantyhose, or any container that allows air to circulate to store onions.
  • Hang them to avoid pressure points that can encourage spoilage.

Avoid Moisture and Light:

  • Keep onions away from moisture, as it can promote rot.
  • Store in darkness, as exposure to light can cause onions to sprout.

Checking and Maintenance

  • Regularly inspect stored onions for any signs of spoilage.
  • Remove any onions that start to spoil promptly to prevent others from being affected.
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Other Tips

  • Do not store with potatoes: Potatoes release moisture and gases that can cause onions to spoil faster.
  • Accessibility: Store onions in an accessible location for easy checking and use throughout the winter.

By following these steps diligently, you can effectively store your onions for up to two years, reducing waste and ensuring you always have this essential cooking ingredient available, regardless of the season.

Proper onion storage not only preserves their quality but also ensures you have a reliable ingredient for cooking and meal preparation. With these techniques, you can extend the shelf life of onions and enjoy their flavor and versatility year-round.