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How to Eliminate Fleas, Ants and Cockroaches from Home Forever

Fight cockroach invasions in your house with out resorting to harsh chemical compounds. This pure repellent recipe makes use of widespread pantry gadgets to deter pests successfully whereas selling an eco-friendly family. Comply with these steps to create and apply the answer:

Substances for Pure Cockroach Repellent:

  • 250 ml liquid detergent
  • 500 ml alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons cloves
  • 50 ml water


  1. Infuse Cloves: Boil 50 ml water, add cloves, and let simmer for 10 minutes to launch important oils.
  2. Combine Detergent and Alcohol/Vinegar: Mix liquid detergent with alcohol or vinegar for a potent base.
  3. Mix Substances: As soon as the clove infusion cools, combine it with the detergent and alcohol/vinegar resolution.
  4. Bottle the Resolution: Switch the combination into a sprig bottle for handy utility.


  • Spray in cockroach-prone areas like kitchen corners, beneath sinks, and alongside baseboards.
  • Goal potential entry factors to stop new infestations.

Further Suggestions for a Roach-Free Home:

  • Keep Cleanliness: Commonly clear kitchen areas to take away meals residues and grease.
  • Safe Meals Storage: Retailer meals in sealed containers to stop cockroach entry.
  • Handle Waste: Comprise and eliminate rubbish usually to remove meals sources.
  • Eliminate Water Sources: Repair leaks and preserve sink areas dry to discourage cockroaches.

By integrating this pure repellent into your pest management routine and following the following pointers, you possibly can successfully fight cockroach exercise whereas selling a more healthy dwelling setting with out counting on chemical pesticides.

FAQs (Incessantly Requested Questions)

1. Is that this pure cockroach repellent secure to be used round pets and youngsters?
Sure, the elements used on this repellent are typically thought-about secure when used as directed. Nevertheless, it is advisable to preserve pets and youngsters away from the sprayed areas till the answer has dried to keep away from any potential irritation.

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2. How typically ought to I apply the pure cockroach repellent?
For optimum effectiveness, it is advisable to apply the repellent as soon as per week, particularly in areas the place cockroaches are regularly seen. Nevertheless, chances are you’ll want to regulate the frequency based mostly on the severity of the infestation and the effectiveness of the repellent.

3. Can I take advantage of this repellent outside?
Whereas this repellent is primarily designed for indoor use, you too can use it in outside areas akin to porches or patios the place cockroaches could also be current. Nevertheless, take into account that outside effectiveness could differ, particularly in open areas with heavy cockroach exercise.

4. How lengthy does the repellent resolution stay efficient after utility?
The effectiveness of the repellent could diminish over time, particularly in high-traffic areas or in humid environments the place the answer can degrade sooner. It is a good apply to reapply the repellent each 1-2 weeks or as wanted to preserve its efficiency.

5. Will this repellent kill cockroaches or simply deter them?
This repellent is designed to deter cockroaches by making the handled areas much less interesting to them. Whereas it might not kill cockroaches outright, it could assist cut back their presence in your house over time when used persistently along with different pest management measures.

6. Can I customise the recipe with different elements?
Sure, you possibly can experiment with different elements based mostly on private desire or availability. Nevertheless, take into account that the effectiveness of the repellent could differ relying on the elements used and their concentrations. At all times check a small space earlier than widespread utility.