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Baklava Rolls

Baklava Rolls: A Delightful Twist on a Classic Dessert

Baklava, a rich and decadent dessert originating from the Middle East and Mediterranean regions, is loved for its layers of flaky phyllo dough, sweet honey, and crunchy nuts. Baklava Rolls take this classic dessert and give it a new, convenient shape that’s perfect for serving at parties or enjoying as a personal treat. In this recipe, we’ll guide you through making these delightful rolls step-by-step, ensuring they turn out perfectly every time.


For the Baklava Rolls:

  • Phyllo Dough: 1 package (16 ounces), thawed
  • Unsalted Butter: 1 cup (225 grams), melted
  • Walnuts or Pistachios: 2 cups (about 240 grams), finely chopped
  • Ground Cinnamon: 1 teaspoon

For the Syrup:

  • Honey: 1 cup (340 grams)
  • Granulated Sugar: 1 cup (200 grams)
  • Water: 1/2 cup (120 ml)
  • Lemon Juice: 1 tablespoon
  • Vanilla Extract: 1 teaspoon


Step 1: Preheat the Oven

Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C). This ensures that your baklava rolls will bake evenly and achieve a golden-brown color.

Step 2: Prepare the Filling

In a mixing bowl, combine the finely chopped walnuts or pistachios with the ground cinnamon. Mix well to ensure the cinnamon is evenly distributed throughout the nuts.

Step 3: Assemble the Baklava Rolls

  1. Layer the Phyllo Dough: Unroll the phyllo dough and cover it with a damp cloth to prevent it from drying out. Place one sheet of phyllo dough on a clean work surface and brush it lightly with melted butter. Repeat this process, layering and buttering 4-5 sheets of phyllo.
  2. Add the Filling: Sprinkle a portion of the nut mixture evenly over the buttered phyllo sheets.
  3. Roll the Dough: Starting from the shorter end, carefully roll the phyllo dough into a tight log. Place the log seam-side down on a greased baking sheet. Repeat this process until all the phyllo dough and filling are used.
  4. Cut the Rolls: Using a sharp knife, cut each log into 1-inch slices. This will make serving easier once the baklava is baked.
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Step 4: Bake

Bake the baklava rolls in the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes, or until they are golden brown and crispy. Keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t overbake.

Step 5: Prepare the Syrup

While the baklava rolls are baking, prepare the syrup. In a medium saucepan, combine the honey, granulated sugar, water, lemon juice, and vanilla extract. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium-high heat, then reduce the heat and let it simmer for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the syrup thickens slightly.

Step 6: Sweeten the Rolls

Remove the baklava rolls from the oven and immediately pour the hot syrup over them, ensuring that each roll is well coated. Allow the rolls to soak in the syrup for at least 1 hour before serving. This will ensure they are perfectly sweet and moist.

Step 7: Serve

Once the baklava rolls have absorbed the syrup and cooled to room temperature, transfer them to a serving platter. Enjoy them with a cup of tea or coffee for a delightful treat.

Tips for Perfect Baklava Rolls

Use Fresh Phyllo Dough

For the best results, use fresh phyllo dough and keep it covered with a damp cloth while working to prevent it from drying out and cracking.

Experiment with Nuts

While walnuts and pistachios are traditional, you can also use almonds, pecans, or a combination of your favorite nuts. Each type of nut will bring a