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Trypophobia: 15 Pics That Will Make You Cry in Fear

Trypophobia, a situation characterised by an intense aversion to clusters of small holes or bumps, can evoke a visceral response in those that undergo from it.

On this article, you’ll have 15 spine-tingling footage. Brace your self as we delve into the unsettling world of trypophobia and explore the terrifying photographs that lie inside.

1. The within of this dough ball

Reptar313 /

2. I unintentionally left this “organic potato soup” in the pot in a single day


3. These balloons

baconboi /

4. An Air-less Tire

Panda_911 /

5. Bought bored in class with a sharpie

spug2bug /

6. My husband cooked a large meatball filled with spaghetti.

Ayy_2_Brute /

7. No thanks

baziyun /


8. Face cream fail

wickedonecaro /

9. The present store at a botanical backyard I went to was promoting these and I considered all of you

wickedonecaro /

10. Resort foyer desk

DapperJman /

11. Blissful Thanksgiving

Pizzagrandpa /

12. The aftermath of flexing a pickle too laborious

Jaximumpower /

13. This tree has eyes

dirthawker0 /

14. Have you ever ever seen a watermelon like this?

LaTalpa123 /

15. Extracting hair follicles for transplant

UglyMedievalBaby /

Do you undergo from trypophobia? If sure, sorry for these photographs. LOL.